Welcome to my website.

I am your Independent Member for the Division of Elwick in the Legislative Council, Tasmania’s Upper House of Parliament. Elwick covers a large part of the City of Glenorchy where I have lived and worked as a teacher for the past 36 years.

As an Alderman for 12 years and Mayor of the City between 2005 and 2011, I have worked vigorously and passionately for this city and its people, that I love.

I believe it will be more important than ever that Glenorchy has a strong, independent voice in the Legislative Council representing the interests of Glenorchy and the broader Tasmanian community.

My record as Mayor was one of standing up and fighting for the best interests of Glenorchy with no fear or favour and this is the approach I have taken in the Upper House. As an Independent I am not compelled to follow the line of any political party. I make careful, considered decisions on the facts and, where possible, after consulting with community and business leaders, representative groups and people in the electorate.

I will soon have a Facebook page set up to make it easier to get an even wider range of opinions from all sections of the community and I encourage everyone in Elwick to contact me and let me know their views and concerns.

Please feel free to drop into my office at 6/332-334 Main Rd Glenorchy.  Click on image for more pics of my Elwick OfficeThe office is a great meeting place for community groups and we can also help groups with office functions such as preparing or copying newsletters.  Please contact us to talk about your requirements.

Click on the image to the right to see more of my Elwick office.

I’ll use this  website to provide news and information about what’s happening in the Legislative Council and in Elwick.  I would welcome your comments, news, tips and suggestions to make it more relevant, interesting and useful for the people of Elwick.




From the blog

A report was released on 30 May 2014 by the Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Tribunal inquiring into the basic salary, allowances and benefits provided to members of the Tasmanian Parliament.

The Member for Pembroke, Vanessa Goodwin, and I represented the Legislative Council in this year's city to Casino on Sunday 18 May 2014 as "The Black Rods" team.

Vanessa did the 7km run while I did the 7km walk and we both really enjoyed ourselves.

We're hoping that we can get more Members and staff of the Legislative Council to join the team for future events.

When they see how good the uniform looks I'm sure our team numbers will swell.

Many people in our own City suffer from this illness: a common and largely treatable condition.

Recovery of a good quality of life is possible for most people, but it is a condition that is often misunderstood.

There is a free service that can support  and guide people to a local service that may help... just call 1800 985 944. The initiative is called MiNetworks.

Today I especially  thank and congratulate the carers in our community for the amazing and powerful work you do to support people with mental health conditions.


I am honoured to be patron of the 2014 Junior Umpire Development Program given the importance of the program for the benefit of the Southern Tasmanian Netball Association and sport.

The Junior Umpire Development (JUD) Program, founded in 2009, aims at developing young umpire’s skills and to assist their progression to badge accreditation. Experienced badged umpires mentor participants regardless of Club affiliation.

Obtaining a C badge can take two or more seasons. Providing a junior with the opportunity to participate in the JUD program is a fast track.